A Bronx police chief has officially submitted his resignation in the wake of a scandal involving a married Detective, Twilight, and texting. In April, Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez accused Bronx Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel of sexual harassment, claiming he made unwanted comments about her body, attempted inappropriate massages and then tried to apologize through weird, Twilight themed text messages.

The texts were found on his NYPD issued Blackberry, which read, "I ask for ur forgiveness and another chance (Think Bella forgiving Jacob)," and, "I will accept any penalty; hard labor, probation, a time out. ... Do werewolves kill humans just like vampires?" He also allegedly asked Sanchez to throw things at him and call him names for penance.

Sanchez previously said she believed there was "something wrong with him," but hesitated to report him because he was her superior. She believed the NYPD would take his side. But hey, now that he's resigned, he'll have all that extra time to wait on line to see Eclipse!