Ah, to see our city's tabloids on the opposite sides of a table. Headline check: The Daily News goes for the literal, while the Post recalls a tune (although it seems backhanded, since the song is "The Lady is a Tramp).

The Times' David Sanger says Condoleeza Rice sticks to the script while the Washington Post's Tom Shales says she could have done the whole testimony with "a teacup and saucer on her head. She's that cool." More about the Commission, Atrios on the PDB, and we're sure there will be more on Wonkette. Plus more about Rice's testimony from the Center for American Progress.

And was Gothamist the only one who thought September 11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste's hair looked cartoonish? That is some thick hair!

Richard Ben-Veniste and Sonic the Hedgehog