The city's street gangs have turned to Twitter to communicate amongst themselves, taunt their foes, and plan brawls, according to the Daily News. Police even think an adolescent might have been shot in the legs on Lenox Avenue over an online turf war started by the Original Young Gangsters clique on Twitter.

The paper perused the nexus of over-sharing for the mentions of Original Young Gangsters and its nickname, Jeff Mob, and found examples of inter-gang trash-talking including: "I knoe bitches from oyg that would dead mob yah s--t in harlem." A 15-year-old member of The New Dons, who said his name was Lil V, claims that Twitter is useful for "settin' up the fights" and making plans, and noted that his crew keeps their pages private and use newfangled lingo that investigators might have trouble interpreting.

Thankfully, cops are tracking the so-called "tweet gangs," according to the tabloid. "It is another tool ... just like old phone records," a police source said. "We can go through them [messages] to track these guys." Amazing, considering that the agency still hasn't made the transition from typewriters to computers.