Yesterday, tween singing sensation (or so Wikipedia leads us to believe) Justin Bieber was scheduled to make an appearance at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. Apparently the 15-year-old's fans were really excited to see him, because thousands flocked to the mall, forcing the police to cancel the event. Newsday says that "a crowd of 3,000 young girls and their parents started aggressively pushing and shoving."

Apparently many of the girls and parents had been camping out since 9 a.m. (what's school for anyway!) to get bracelets, but the crowds grew restless. A 13-year-old told the Daily News, "People started screaming 'Justin' and they ran forward and the ropes collapsed. Everyone was pushing, there was no room to breathe. I was literally on the floor." But some thought it was okay, as another 13-year-old said, "I was more worried about not getting in than being trampled." Check out this video of some girls discussing how two moms got into a fight:

Not only that, the police arrested Island Def Jam senior vice president James Roppo for "not cooperating." Apparently he sent messages saying that Bieber was signing autographs after the event was shut down; Nassau County Police Lt. Det. Kevin Smith added, "We asked for his help in getting the crowd to go away by sending out a Twitter message"—which he apparently didn't—"By not cooperating with us we feel he put lives in danger and the public at risk." Bieber Twittered, saying, "they are not allowing me to come into the mall. if you dont leave I and my fans will be arrested as the police just told us" and "the event at roosevelt mall is cancelled. please go home. the police have already arrested one person from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt."

Newsday had one fan's angry reaction, "I am so mad. He's a heartbreaker. They should send us free tickets or something." Bieber Tweeted, "Im sorry to everyone who was in Long Island at the Mall 2day. I was just trying to come meet fans and never meant to dissapoint anyone."