In the end, Time Warner Cable is doing the right thing. The cable and internet company (and Patrick Stewart life-sapper) has announced that despite previous appearances the company will be automatically crediting customers who lost service due to Hurricane Sandy. Same goes for their phone customers.

The credit will be automatic and kick in after your service restored. If you are in "areas where the vast majority of customers experienced an extended outage" you'll get a "Hurricane Sandy Credit" on your bill. If you don't get the credit, but you lost service due to the storm, you probably want to call TWC. After your service is restored.

The company is also waiving "any fees or penalties for equipment, such as set-top boxes and cable modems, which is lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the storm." So that's nice.

Pretty much all of the local cable companies are offering credits for loss of service during Sandy, but this is the first we've heard of an automatic credit.