While most people are getting caught up in all of the negative aspects surrounding actor Charlie Sheen's coke-fueled frothing escapade, like sullying the good name of the Eloise Suite, there are a few stalwart Sheen fans who have found the silver lining in the incident. That would include CBS, who think that the high profile hooker-and-drugs binge may boost ratings of Sheen's hit show, Two and a Half Man. "They're quietly thrilled. They think it will open up the show to a whole new segment of young viewers, the 17-to-23 crowd. They feel like it's millions in free publicity," a network insider told the Post. Nothing gets the 17-23 crowd going like having a cocaine-encrusted face!

But Sheen's father, actor Martin Sheen, isn't seeing things with the same rose-colored glasses: he is reportedly considering organizing a family intervention to try to get the troubled actor off booze, drugs and prostitutes. Maybe someone should consider staging an intervention for Sheen's one-night paramour, jack-of-all-sex-trades Capri Anderson. Because once you've been stiffed on the bill after a wild romp with Charlie Sheen, AND featured in a Girls Gone Wild national commercial, it's hard to sink much lower.