We knew that tutors in New York City can make a lot of cash (especially if you tutor the kids in the Dalton set) but this is ridiculous. According to court papers, substitute teacher Michael Logan managed to make $2.3 million though a federally funded tutoring program in the Bronx. At least "hundreds of thousands" of those dollars appear to be based on bogus billable hours.

According to the the suit, 48-year-old Logan, who lives in White Plains, used a tutoring program he worked as a manager for, Test Quest, to rake in the big bucks without actually tutoring anyone. So how'd he do it? In two Bronx schools between 2005 and 2012 Logan allegedly recruited former students to work as "aides," which actually just meant going to find students at other after school programs and having having them sign attendance sheets. If they couldn't find enough? They'd just sign the sheets themselves. Once those sheets were turned in, the government would pay up. At least it did until Logan got caught.

Pending the outcome of the case Logan has been barred from teaching. But sadly for him, the Post reports his legal troubles don't stop there:

Meanwhile, the feds yesterday joined a whistle-blower suit against TestQuest, claiming its management “knew about, deliberately ignored or recklessly disregarded the fraud.”