2006_08_dncover.jpgFour miles from the George Washington Bridge, a horrific accident involving a flatbed truck carrying bricks killed four people and injured four others on the New Jersey Turnpike - and a little 4 year old girls from Queens was the only survivor from her family's car. According to the NY Times, a flatbed truck hit cars during a traffic standstill, and then swayed from the shoulder and back across the highway lanes, pushing the car carrying the Christmas family of Astoria "under the trailer of another truck"; then the flatbed "careered over a guardrail and overturned, spilling its load of bricks onto a Toyota 4Runner S.U.V.," killing the driver, Norma Ryan of NJ. Theresa and Charles Christmas were killed, as was their 2 year old Victoria; 4 year old Theresa was taken to a hospital and is in fair condition (University Hospital in Newark says that psychologists and counselors will be helping her). The Toyota's three other passengers - Ryan's two children and Maria Rosado of the Bronx - were in critical condition.

A witness says that the flatbed truck driver noticed the stalled traffic too late, thus starting the chain reaction accident. Charges are pending, but police are investigating the flatbed truck driver, Dimitrius Tseperkas, who works for a Port Jefferson company.