With yesterday's primaries giving Barack Obama decisive win in North Carolina and Hillary Clinton a much smaller-than-expected/ needed victory in Indiana, many are wondering if it's the beginning of the end for the Clinton campaign. Example: The video (above) of NBC's Tim Russert proclaiming last night that "we now know who the nominee will be."

The NY Times reports one Clinton adviser describing the campaign as "essentially broke." At one point late last night, it was reported Clinton was canceling her public appearances today--perhaps to regroup and reflect--but now she will be making them in West Virginia, where 39 delegates are up for grabs during next week's primary.

Politico says it does not seem as though Clinton's gas tax holiday brought her extra support. And Newsweek's Jonathan Alter writes that Obama's criticism of the gas tax holiday was a "huge gamble" that "paid off," "In the end Obama showed the kind of resilience that was supposed to apply only to the Clintons.