The sad story of Sarai Sierra, the Staten Island mom who was found dead in Turkey last month, continued today when authorities in Istanbul detained a homeless man they say is a suspect in her murder.

Sierra had been traveling alone in Turkey earlier this year when she went missing on January 21st. Her body was found in a low-income part of the city two weeks later, and police believe she was bludgeoned to death with a brick. Homeless man "Laz Ziya", or "Ziya T" has reportedly been a prime suspect in her killing after authorities matched his family members' DNA to DNA found under Sierra's fingernails; officials believe Ziya T. was on the run from the law when he was captured by rebel fighters in Syria today.

The suspect was interrogated on video, and he gave a statement regarding the alleged murder. "I do not remember how it happened,” he said, according to reports. “I must have hit her head with a heavy object. As I came back in the morning, she was dead. I covered her.” Officials say surveillance tapes from the day of Sierra's death show Ziya T. carrying the leather jacket she had been wearing that day.