President Bush pardons Stars the Turkey; Photo: Reuters

In an annual Thanksgiving Day event, President Bush pardoned a turkey at the White House earlier this week. His two jokes from the event:

On how the turkeys "Stars" and "Stripes" (the alternate) won out over "Cranberry" and "Pumpkin": It was a neck-to-neck race.
On the presence of an alternate turkey: The rule book states that an alternate turkey is chosen in case the national Thanksgiving turkey cannot fulfill his role in this ceremony. It's kind of like being the vice president.

The White House website also has a photo essay on past Presidential turkey pardons; insert your own Gerald Ford joke here.

White House's Thanksgiving chat with White House Chef Walter Sheib is pretty amusing. When Rita from NY asks: "I prefer my steaks rare. Saying that is it possible to serve turkey rare as well? Is it dangerous?", Sheib gives an unequivocal, "I would not recommend this." For more about Walter Sheib, his White House biography.