Hey, Lower Manhattan, Governor Pataki wants to give you a direct rail link to JFK Airport. Reports say that Governor Pataki will probably announce that officials are looking to dig a tunnel under the East River for the project, although there is the possibility of using the Montague Street subway tunnel, which has the M, N and R right now. The Times puts the cost of the project at $5-5.5 billion, with tunnel digging an extra $1 billion. The extra $1 billion would buy New Yorkers less subway disruption than trying to link via the M/N/R station - plans to use the A and C's tunnel were scrapped - and Gothamist thinks $1 billion is worth it. This plan is expected to be announced tomorrow during Pataki's talk about progress made in rebuilding lower Manhattan.

The train, run by the LIRR, would be an extension of the Air Train. On paper, with the little we know, Gothamist thinks this is a great idea - a convenient and cost-effective way for people to get to JFK. Right now, the Air Train still requires passengers to transfer from a bus or subway. Of course, who knows how long it will take for a tunnel to be created under the East River. We might have those Star Trek transporters by then.

Meccapixel has a beautiful sunset photograph from the Air Train. And Gothamist on the Air Train.