Oh baby, today on the NYC Transit Twitter it's all about our favorite piece of sandhog hardware, the massive Tunnel Boring Machine. We've previously reveled in video of these bad boys in action over on the (over budget!) 7 train extension, but now we're approaching TBM time on the Second Ave subway project! Don't laugh, they've been making progress over there; at the end of last month we showed you stellar photos of the "Launch Box" 60 feet underneath Second Avenue, between 91st and 95th Streets.

An MTA spokesman tells us that sooner or later a TBM will be lowered down in there, and during the first phase it will dig tunnels from the south end of the Launch Box down to 63rd Street, to connect with the existing tunnels serving the F line. (According to NYC Transit, the TBM "was originally made 30 years ago and used on 4 other projects; it has been reconditioned to be 'like new.' The machine was rebuilt and tested in Newark, NJ. It's been disassembled for shipment and will be reassembled again in the Launch Box.") There's no word yet on when drilling in the Launch Box will begin, but you can follow along here on the MTA's website. If you drill it, it is no dream!