NYC schools are feeling fortunate to have a holiday weekend as the swine flu virus has left the school system with a juggling act of deciding which schools to close while struggling to make things work at others ravaged by the virus but trying their best to keep classes going during the home stretch of the school year. The city closed four more schools yesterday—in Maspeth, Borough Park, Bushwick and East Harlem. Meanwhile in Woodside, 50 parents and teachers picketed outside PS 12 demanding it be closed after 400 students called out sick this week. One sick teacher told the Times, “Every day you wonder how many kids are coming into class and how many are going to be there at the end of the day. I know I wouldn’t be sick if they would have just closed down.” Criticism over schools staying open continues with limited subs and schools taking measures such as rewarding students who show up with no homework days. Principals are also crossing their fingers that legislation passes next week to grant a swine flu exception for schools not getting in their required 180 days in session—without it, closed schools could lose funding for next year.