The 22-year-old former ESPN production assistant whose affair with former Mets GM and baseball analyst Steve Phillips hit the front pages of the tabloids was on Good Morning America today. Brooke Hundley said, "I did things I regret, obviously. People make mistakes at 22. That's what I was trying not to do originally, was hurt anybody else or affect anybody else's lives negatively. But I did things and I thought about things just as an avenue to get people to pay attention, to start asking the right questions, to get me out of a bad situation."

Hundley, who asked for a restraining order against Phillips, only to withdraw it, claims Phillips threatened her to keep their affair a secret and while she didn't directly discuss how she stalked his wife—giving her a letter with explicit details about their affair—and contacted his son online, Hundley said, "I think the only thing I could really say to [Phillips' wife] is that as someone whose family has been ripped apart over this just as much as someone who has, you know, 500 phone calls, e-mails, letters, paparazzi outside my apartment, reporters wanting me to talk and to say something, that I understand her pain....Do I feel bad bringing her into a situation that I couldn't control that really wasn't about her? Absolutely."

Hundley was also upset about being called terrible things—"I couldn't go a day without getting, you know, 200 messages in my inbox from people that have never met me, just labeling, just calling me names. I've been called the 'C' word. I've been called a whore. I've been called a homewrecker"—as well as a certain comedian's take, "When Jay Leno was using my looks as part of his opening monologue to get a cheap laugh," she said. "At that point, you know, a person has their breaking point. That was my breaking point. I had a friend who had to come stay with me because she was concerned that mentally I would not be able to take much more. "