The affair between former Mets GM Steve Phillips and ESPN production assistant Brooke Hundley may have been out-of-control, what with Hundley allegedly harassing Phillip's family in person and online, and Hundley filing a restraining order against Phillips, but the two parties were able to agree to an out of court settlement. The Post reports, "It is not known what, if any deal, Hundley cut with Phillips to settle their respective claims."

Apparently the talks occurred after Hundley filed for a restraining order against Phillips the day after she allegedly crashed her car outside the married ESPN analyst's Wilton, CT house and left an extremely detailed letter about her knowledge of Phillips' anatomy for his wife. The Post excerpts Hundley's claims in the restraining order:

"While at work in mid-July after work Steve bought me a strong drink and then cornered me while coming out of the bathroom with no one in sight trying to persuade me to come into his hotel suite to spend the night," wrote in her Aug. 20 affidavit.

"I told my supervisor who told me to ‘get used to it.’ And to keep it to myself," Hundley wrote. "He [Phillips] proceeded to call my hotel room until I finally went to see him."

"After the night he continued to text me on a regular basis with inappropriate things. I tried to get him to stop and told others but he didn’t and finally gave in and agreed to see him a few times after work in parking lots," Hundley wrote.

"Someone at work found out and call[ed] his house. Then he began to spread work that I was just the office slut and ruining my reputation. He continued to text me however about getting together on our next business trip and I begged him to please be honest about what happened with us."

Of course, Hundley also hired someone to call his house to tell Phillips' wife about the affair and had written a letter to the wife stating, "You see I’m the woman he’s been seeing for awhile now, and I’m not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots, I’m actually a close friend who works with him on a frequent basis. I care about him a lot," but whatever!