More details on the Steve Phillips/"Tubby Temptress" ESPN scandal have been revealed, and if you thought it would get any less ridiculous, well, you're sadly mistaken. According to TMZ, Brooke Hundley filed a restraining order against Phillips on Aug. 20, a day after she crashed her car outside the Phillips' home while leaving a way-too-detailed letter describing the affair for Phillips wife. In the restraining order, she alleged that Phillips cornered her in a hotel suite in July, and wouldn't stop harassing her with text messages and phone calls.

Although she spurned him, Hundley reluctantly agreed to meet him "a few times after work in the parking lot." Somewhat ironically, Hundey wrote in her letter, "I'm not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots." The complaint was withdrawn on Sept. 15, the same day, TMZ reports, that Hundley posted this as her Facebook status: "I've seen evil and he wears khaki pants and bright blue polos."

Hundley emerged at her Bristol, CT home—and the Post really goes descriptive, leading with "Brooke Hundley, the shlubby seductress..." and then noting how they confronted the "portly production assistant [to ask] about her affair with the handsome married baseball analyst Phillips." Later, she "waddled out [of her apartment] about two hours later, wearing a black coat and the same baseball cap, to hop into the car. She peeled off after extending her middle finger to a group of reporters and photographers." And yes, there are new photographs of her.

In the meantime, the Daily News snapped a picture of Rosa Rodriguez, one of Phillips' ex-mistresses. Rodriguez's only comment: "Just make sure the photos are good."