Here is another strange tale from the dark, deep depths of Transportation Security Administration lore—a TSA screener at JFK was arrested this week for allegedly stealing a traveler's $7,000 watch, and then smashing it in a moment of panic.

Authorities say that 41-year-old Margo Grant-Lauree stole a $7,000 Diamond Master from a Canadian traveler on August 26th after the victim left the watch in a plastic bin at JFK's Terminal 7 during a security screening. Grant-Lauree was allegedly caught on video snatching the watch out of the bin and taking it into a restroom. She then got nervous and smashed the diamond-crusted watch to pieces, according to a release [pdf] from Queens District Attorney Richard Brown's office. "She destroyed it,” a law enforcement official told the Post.

Grant-Lauree, a Brooklyn resident, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property and official misconduct. "This kind of thievery will not be tolerated at our airports," DA Brown said in a statement.

Grant-Lauree faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted.