Yesterday morning an unidentified man with a gun replica belt buckle tried to glide through security at JFK airport. But despite the belt buckle being totally badass and an absolute babe magnet, TSA security screeners brought the hammer down on the individual, forcing him to choose between traveling to his destination and holding his trousers up in unparalleled style. TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein sets the scene:

Someone took off his belt and put it in a bin on the conveyor to go through the X-ray machine. When the TSA officer viewed the X-ray image, he understandably saw a gun. The conveyor belt was halted and the Port Authority Police were called. Once the police arrived, the bin was removed from the X-ray machine at which time it was determined to be a replica.

After what was no doubt a tearful and traumatic parting, Farbstein says the man "surrendered the buckle and caught his flight." She explains that replica weapons are prohibited because others on board an airplane might not realize that a replica item (be it a gun, grenade, knife, or other item) is not real and as such, could cause a panic. And in case you're wondering, land mines are also prohibited.