While waiting on some interminable airport security line, between the waves of dread and loathing, do you ever wonder how much those TSA employees make? We've just learned that an industrious supervisor can earn $700 a day on top of his or her regular salary! At least, that's how much prosecutors say Michael Arato raked in on a daily basis taking kickbacks and bribes from a co-worker who stole cash from passengers' at Newark International Airport.

Arato, 41, was arrested Tuesday following a five-week investigation, and his co-worker, who was not named, has been cooperating with the federal investigation. The U.S. Attorney's Office tells the AP that Arato and the "co-schemer" targeted non-English-speaking victims, particularly women returning to India on a daily flight from Newark. In all, Arato allegedly accepted roughly $3,100 in bribes between Sept. 13th and Oct. 5th, and also stole money himself from passengers himself, according to prosecutors. But what must really burn Arato is that if he hadn't gotten busted, he could probably have doubled his earnings by selling hot naked images of travelers using the new full body imaging scanners debuting at the airport this month!