As much as we're irritated by the TSA in the airport, we love the TSA in our inboxes, because the agency is never shy about sharing all of the weird and wondrous weapons they find when screening luggage. Their latest haul includes a stun gun, pictured here, disguised to look like a cell phone. Quick, has anyone designed a Tase Me Maybe, Bro T-shirt for Busted Tees yet? Take it away, TSA:

Take a look at the photo of this cell phone. Notice anything unusual? Look again. Under the phone’s screen there is a button on the right side that typically is pressed to make a call. But this phone’s button doesn’t make calls because it’s not a phone at all. Instead of “call” the button says “STUN” because this is not a cell phone. This is a stun gun that a TSA officer caught on a man at an A Terminal checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier today (Oct. 10).

This stun gun, designed to look like a cell phone, was caught by TSA officers at a checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport. (Photo courtesy of TSA.) The passenger, who was originally ticketed on an early-morning flight from Newark to Charlotte, didn’t make his flight because Port Authority Police were processing him on a state weapons charge.

The TSA would like to take this opportunity to remind travelers that "weapons—including stun guns that are disguised to look like cell phones--are not permitted in carry-on baggage." And that includes the following items, which all found during the course of one weekend (last weekend) at Newark Liberty, LaGuardia and JFK International Airports:

  • pocket-knives
  • knives concealed inside canes
  • knuckle-knives
  • pepper spray
  • firearm magazines
  • throwing knives
  • machetes
  • fireworks
  • brass knuckles

Damn, it seems we've been traveling like a bunch defenseless sheep our whole lives. Are YOU armed enough to survive YOUR next flight? Because if you're going to score a coveted seat that doesn't come loose midflight, you better be ready to crack some skulls.