What is it about JFK and Apple products? Just a few weeks after an airport employee was arrested for allegedly stealing $1.9 million in iPad minis comes word that a TSA worker there has been busted for stealing Apple baubles from people's checked luggage. But at least the airport now has less-naked body scanners?

According to the Port Authority PD on Tuesday 32-year-old screener Sean J. Henry was arrested leaving the airport "with two Port Authority GPS-equipped 'bait iPads,/ a 17-inch MacBook Pro, and possibly another laptop in his bag; a stolen Apple laptop was also found in his home, according to a law enforcement source."

Henry was promptly charged with larceny, possession of stolen property, and official misconduct in Queens Supreme Court. Meanwhile the TSA says that the screener "is currently on indefinite suspension without pay and is being processed for termination."

This is by no means the first time that a screener has been caught with an iPad that wasn't theirs (remember the ABC News sting?) and the bust comes under pressure from Senator Chuck Schumer, who had previously asked the agency to do more stings. "These are exactly the type of stings that should be done nationwide, and at random," the senator told the Post after being informed of the arrest. "Clearly there is a small minority of agents that are prone to fleece travelers, and this is precisely the type of check that will deter would be thieves, or catch them."