A man en route to Jamaica from Newark International Airport on July 3rd tried to sneak a handgun under the lining of his checked suitcase, according to TSA. Agents discovered the .22 caliber gun tied to the suitcase frame during a routine baggage check.

"Officers uncovered the gun artfully concealed beneath the lining of a piece of checked luggage," the agency said in a press release.

TSA's baggage scanning system recognized the man's weapon, according to TSA. Agents emptied out the suitcase before unzipping the lining and discovering the unloaded gun.

A spokeswoman could not confirm the man's name or address. Police arrested him in the terminal on weapons charges.

Travelers are allowed to fly with firearms in checked luggage as long as they are packed and declared according to protocol. According to TSA, "Firearms must be unloaded, packed in a hard sided case and locked upon presentation at the airline check-in counter." More on firearm packing instructions here.