2005_11_knife.jpgSince the Wall Street Journal broke news that the Transportation Safety Administration is considering to allow small knives and scissors on planes, some people are freaking out. For instance, take our former Police Commissioner (and almost Homeland Security Secretary) Bernard Kerik, who told Fox News, "I just hope this isn't a sign of the times, which is [that] four years after Sept. 11, [we've become] complacent and less vigilant." While the TSA says that the flying environment is much better these days and that's why they are considering taking the tiny sharp items off the list, it might have more to do with money and convenience, as it takes screeners longer to check those items. One can only assume that the TSA believes airplane cockpits are totally reinforced and that the flight attendants can be collateral damage should anything, God forbid, happens.

Read the TSA's Permitted and Prohibited Items list, so you can remind yourself that BB guns and sabers are not allowed on board.