A man described by the FDNY press office as "middle-aged" fell off Belvedere Castle in Central Park yesterday, breaking an ankle and sustaining a "mild head injury." There are varying reports on the accident, which happened around 5 p.m. The Post reports that "an adventurous but careless photographer" fell 15 to 20 feet while scaling the castle walls to get a better shot. NBC New York says he "climbed over the gate because he dropped his cigar" and broke both legs in the fall. But we like DNAinfo's take best:

He was "trying to scale the structure in an effort to impress a girl," authorities tell DNAinfo. The "would-be daredevil" fell at least one story onto an embankment of rocks next to Turtle Pond, and was eventually taken to St. Luke's hospital once the FDNY extricated him around 6 p.m. At press time, it was unclear if his lady friend was duly impressed, or if he recovered his cigar, or if his legs will ever heal properly. And of course, we can't rule out the possibility that this is all just a viral marketing stunt for a DVD release of the classic '80s sitcom Mr. Belvedere, for which the castle is named.