2006_03_georginahorse.jpgMayor Bloomberg was not very successful with the Summer Olympics, but his daughter Georgina hopes that she can ride her way into the games. Georgina, the younger of Mayor Bloomberg's two daughters, has her sights set on making the Olympic equestrian team for the 2008 Beijing Games. Riding since she was 4 (Gothamist was riding our little wooden horsey), Georgina was in her first competition at the age of 6 (we competed against our reflection in the mirror - we won every time). Last year, she was the 5th rated show jumper in the country.

If you're itching to be a little like Georgina Bloomberg, there are actually a few places to go horseback riding in the city. In fact, each borough has at least one city park with horseback riding facilities. The rates are a little pricey - they seem to range from $25-50 per hour depending on location - but it could be one hell of a conversation piece. "Yeah, I went horseback riding in Prospect Park today."

Photo of Georgina Bloomberg from a 2004 profile in Harper's Bazzar by Pamela Hanson