The special election to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress (for a year at least) is going on right now, which means the onslaught of robo-calls directed at potential Brooklyn and Queens voters in the ninth district is finally almost over. Soon enough we will find out if last minute automated messages from the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Bill Clinton will be enough to push Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin down to DC. In the last two polls Weprin was trailing Bob Turner, his nemesis in the GOP. Meanwhile, just in case you forgot about him, everybody's favorite bulging former representative with a Twitter habit, without whom none of this would be possible, is back in the news today!

But first the election. The ninth district—which will almost certainly be redistricted out of existence in the next year—has been bombarded with phone calls in the past week. Everyone from Rudy Giuliani to Donald Trump to rabbis have been telling people to vote for either Turner or Weprin for reasons ranging from Obamacare to Weprin's support of marriage equality. "After a while, we didn’t answer the phone," one registered independent told the Post. "Enough already."

Finally, just in case you were curious what former representative Anthony Weiner has been up to with all his spare time? The Post is happy to tell you that the eager sexter has gone and sold his digs in the ninth district and just yesterday was moving the last boxes to his new home: A three-bedroom rental in Greenwich Village. And now you know!