Donald Trump has started cobbling his cabinet together so he's prepared if the United States votes for its own destruction Tuesday. And the Trumpian future is looking just great—it appears America's #1 IRL Dracula Rudy Giuliani will be bumped up from the Mayor of 9/11 Town & Loud Screaming to the US Attorney General of Lying & Police-Stating, lucky us!

NBC reports that according to a few anonymous campaign advisers, Rudy Giuliani is indeed being considered for attorney general. Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, is expected to be anointed Secretary of State, while Reince Preibus is being considered for chief of staff. Chris Christie will probably stay buried in the cellar somewhere.

Apparently Trump hasn't been all that active in the cabinet-making process, citing "superstition," and NBC says he was "shocked" to hear that Mitt Romney had begun preparing his cabinet before election day in 2012. Superstition, mind you, isn't a real thing, and it's not so bad for a presidential candidate to, you know, prepare to be president. But no matter! Mike Pence has been preparing to be the behind-the-scenes president for some time now, and he's been "heavily involved" in the administration vetting process.

The future looks bright white:

Meanwhile, Trump apparently likes Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, so he'll get to keep corruption-busting even if the Donald gets his pussy-grabbers on the nuclear codes.

In other news, Trump will probably have to give up his Trump Tower penthouse apartment if he does indeed ascend the presidency, since Secret Service won't be able to protect him there. “He’s not liked,” one source told the Post. “So there’s the concern of someone taking a shot at him.”

And in other, other news, this election has been so goddamn miserable New Yorkers' blood pressures have reportedly skyrocketed, so at least if Trump's elected none of us will have to live very long.