2005_05_trumpplace.jpgIt was a kinder and gentler time back when Donald Trump started to build Trump Place south of West 72nd Street and Riverside Drive. Sure, it was pure bombastic Trump, battling neighborhood groups and neighboring apartments to develop Trumpland, even if he was going to extend Riverside Park by 21 acres, but it was a time when we didn't know the phrase "You're fired" was just scary, not funny in a yooge way. Now, Trump, plus a group of investors who bailed him out during the mid-90s, has sold three buildings and 77 acres for $1.8 billion, in what is considered the biggest residential sale in the city's history. The buyers are Extell Development Corporation and the Carlyle Group; Extell is expected to build eight more apartment buildings (a total of 3,000 units), to ensure the real estate bubble remain bubblicious. Of course, Trump is keeping four condo buildings along the made-up street, Riverside Boulevard, so Kelly Perdew can keep his job. We think.

Curbed on the Upper West Side and Midtown West, two areas affected by the land. There will be a children's fun fair at Riverside Park South on June 12 (face painting and balloon sculptures!). And we love Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz's New Yorkistan shower curtain, complete with Trumpistan.