Donald Trump, not one to shy away from the media spotlight, is complaining about the vendors that clutter up Fifth Avenue, in an open letter to Mayor Bloomberg (that begins, "Dear Michael"). Trump says that not all the vendors are veterans (who get special dispensation to sell on the street), the streets are messy from debris, and the Fifth Avenue BID association isn't doing their job. Gothamist isn't a fan of those peddlers selling counterfeit purses and watches, causing massive clumps of tourists to just stand there, blocking curbcuts at street corners, but, come on, Trump, even though we enjoy your chutzpah, bizarrely sloe-eyed fiancee, and strange hair, you put a huge, ugly freaking vinyl sign in front of your building to pimp your show. And if that's not part of the destruction of Fifth Avenue, we don't know what is.