If you watched the finale of The Apprentice, you probably laughed when Donald Trump called SoHo an "artists' enclave" - we think the artists got edged out some time in the early 1990s. But, as both finalists showed, the chance to work on the Trump Soho, a 45-50 story hotel and condo building, was the real prize, versus a yooge building in Honolulu. Anyway, the computer graphic presentation of the Trump Soho was pretty impressive - for being insanely tall and probably the new bane of the community. If you go to the Trump Soho website, you'll see a pretty information-less Flash presentation of the building, with a request for information form to fill out at the end. But the website does tell us:

- The building is damn tall
- The time in New York (naturally)
- The time in London - hey, the pound is strong
- The time in Moscow - bring over some of that nouveau riche over here, da?
- The time Hong Kong - the building will adhere to all feng shui practices

The Donald Jr. told the Post, "You're going to get incredible 360-degree views from about the 12th floor up. They're almost like the views in Jersey City of Manhattan, but you're still in New York." Is that a diss to the Jersey City Trump development?