One thing we know for sure about Donald Trump is that the man fucking loves television. Even if you don't care for anonymously-sourced reports about how he's settling in to the White House, there are his frequent tweets about Saturday Night Live and the weird CNN clip from yesterday where Trump's first Air Force One trip was set to the soundtrack of the Empire Carpets jingle (today!). So it should come as new surprise that Trump tweeted an endorsement of voter fraud bullshit spewer Gregg Phillips this morning after he saw him interviewed on CNN's New Day.

Trump fired off the above tweet this morning, which CNN's Brian Stelter pointed out came about a half hour after Phillips was interviewed by Chris "The TV One" Cuomo on CNN's New Day. CNN, you'll also remember, is a purveyor of fake news. The interview itself was, well, kind of a disaster, as Phillips said over and and over again that while he was sure his original, Infowars-endorsed claim of three million illegal votes was for sure true, he just couldn't prove it yet. But he'd prove it eventually. Unless Jeff Sessions wants to prove it first, because you know he's just working with all these volunteers so it might take Phillips and True The Vote a few months to prove that his theory is true. But even though he's working backwards from a conclusion that he's now trying to prove, the conclusion is definitely true.

Phillips, according to the Austin American-Statesman, is a former executive with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. He told the Statesman that his tweet was meaningless when they asked him about it, asking the paper "isn’t everything on Twitter fake?"

When Cuomo asked Phillips if he "could prove right now that three million people voted illegally," he said "Yes" and said he had proof, but that his group is working on refining their methods and they'll release the study when the time is right. "This is a very silly circle we're going in here right now," Cuomo said near the end of the interview, accidentally summing up the struggle to live in Trump's America.

A look at his Twitter account also shows that Phillips is somewhat unsure of whether or not Israel is America's greatest ally in the Middle East or a backstabbing shit stirrer trying to pin election hacking hysteria on Russia:

For all of the furor and bullshit though, the important thing to remember is that allegations of voter fraud always tie back to making it more difficult to register to vote and instituting strict laws requiring voter ID. As the NAACP laid out in a recent press release decrying Trump's repeated lies that voter fraud is what cost him the popular vote, a Washington Post study showed only "31 alleged cases of in-person voter fraud among the over 1 billion votes cast in the United States." On the other hand, a federal court found that North Carolina's laws restricting early balloting specifically targeted black districts in the state. And on the third weird mutant hand, the only people caught committing voter fraud in the 2016 election were...Trump voters.