Oh, The Donald. You got lucky by teaming up with Mark Burnett to create The Apprentice. You got lucky that America wants to see some hateful idiots get put through the Trump reality wringer. You got lucky by the fact that most everything else on network television sucks, therefore your show is the "new hit" as NBC tells us over and over again. But buddy, don't press your luck. You know how it is, owning casinos and everything. Just because you're on a roll doesn't mean you can own the English language. Your attempt to trademark "You're fired!" is a testament to your hustle, but unless you agree to own "You're Downsized!" and "You're Redundant!" as well as demand that anyone firing someone pay you a fee, Gothamist is just shaking our head. But that doesn't mean we're not running out to trademark "I'm Tired!";"It's Not You - It's Me!"; and "What'd You Say? I Wasn't Listening!"

The Smoking Gun has the trademark applications for "You're Fired." Judges allowed Trump to trademark it for clothing, but not for games or his casinos. Gothamist worries when HR gives us a box and inside it's the "You're Fired" t-shirt that does their job for them. And the Post reports on the Apprentice tryouts. One applicant says, "Trump is the Madonna of the business world." We can't wait to see Trump at the Kabbalah Centre on East 48th!