Things are a little stressful for residents of Trump Tower, now that their fancy skyscraper's been transformed into White House North. Some residents are so annoyed with all the extra security measures and Naked Cowboys they've been trying to unload their apartments. But more enterprising souls see Trump Tower as a boon—indeed, some brokers are marketing the added security as an "amenity," because who wouldn't want the Secret Service stopping by to borrow sugar unannounced?

POLITICO reports that after Trump was elected, local real estate agency Douglas Elliman began trying to lure wealthy folks to Trump Tower with fliers boasting "The New Aminity [sic] - The United States Secret Service." According to the fliers, a building flooded with scary armed guards is just the Most Secure Building in Manhattan, though it's noteworthy that the reason the building has to be this secured is because it houses one of the world's most prime targets. But all the delivery men have to get bag checks!

Still, a realtor noted that the appeal of living in Satan's Lair was "50-50," pointed out that some people want to get as far from Trump, his security detail, and his atrocious decorating tastes as possible, while others hope living adjacent to Trump will help some of his Great Brain rub off on them. Not that there are enough of those cash-bearing Trumpketeers to keep business booming in the Tower—six of the 16 active sale listings and six of the 16 active rental listings have gone down over the last year, while only one in each category has gone up.

Maybe that's just the market, but assuming Trump and his family don't fully defect to DC come inauguration day, it's hard to imagine Trump Tower residents will want to dodge cops, armed guards, protesters, and a press gaggle every time they come and go. And after all that security, they may still run into an emotionally disturbed person (no, not that one) wandering the halls.