2007_01_dtskull.jpgIt's no win for Donald Trump on two counts - and we bet Rosie O'Donnell is cackling. First, the Department of Buildings has rejected a permit for the Trump Soho Hotel- for the third time! Apparently Trump's contractors can't issue plans for the 40-floor tall hotel and residence that are compliant with zoning laws. It's unclear what the issue with the last set of plans was, but there have been claims that the property isn't enough hotel and it's too much residence.

Then, the Mayor weighed in on the subject of a proposed Department of Sanitation depot a few blocks from Trump's Soho site. Earlier this week, Trump said he would help the community oppose the DOS's plans, but Mayor Bloomberg said during his radio show, "Nobody wants these things in their neighborhoods, and they got to be some place. That's the bottom line."

And as we mentioned yesterday, the Villager looked at the archaeologist's findings at the proposed Trump Soho Hotel site. Bones found there during excavation appear to be from the early 19th century, from what used to be the Spring Street Presbyterian Church. You'll note that this Trump-toupee on a skull is better than one created yesterday.