Two days after he hinted that American gun enthusiasts might literally take aim at a newly-elected Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump refocused his attack on his favorite Kenyan, telling his supporters at a Florida rally that President Barack Obama is the "founder of ISIS" and that the militant Islamic pseudo-state responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians "honors" him.

"In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama. ISIS is honoring President Obama," Trump said in Fort Lauderdale. "He is the founder of ISIS. He's the founder of ISIS. He's the founder! He founded ISIS, and I would say the co-founder would be Crooked Hillary Clinton."

Trump has a history of suggesting the President has terrorist ties. Days after the Orlando Pulse nightclub mass shooting that left 49 people dead, the GOP Candidate told Fox & Friends that Obama "doesn't get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It's one or the other."

The NY Times points out that at another point in his Wednesday night speech, while discussing the conflict in Crimea, Trump put "extra emphasis on the president's full name, saying it occurred 'during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.'"

After he was asked about his statements Thursday morning, a true-to-form Trump opted not to walk back or apologize, but instead double down on his misguided hate-mongering.

Trump's intimation that Obama founded ISIS was the punchline of a rant that attempted to sum up the last fifteen years of American foreign policy in the Middle East. "We unleashed fury all over the Middle East, and it was a terrible mistake," he said Wednesday night. "And then Obama came in, and normally you want to clean up—he made a bigger mess out of it, he made such a mess. And then you had Hillary with Libya. So sad."

Trump's first claim is actually correct: America is responsible for bringing a staggering amount of chaos, death, and destruction to the Middle East through the Iraq War and other, discrete attacks on nearby nations. As for who founded ISIS (spoiler: it’s not Obama) Graeme Wood's brilliant 2015 Atlantic essay thoroughly investigates the origins of the Islamic State. You can read it while you wait for the next stupid thing Trump says.