Policy plans for the incoming Trump Administration are few and far between at the moment, meaning you can only figure out what will happen by reading tea leaves based on rumored Cabinet appointments and watching media appearances from Trump surrogates. Just in case you were under the delusion that things would calm down a week after the election, Carl Higbie, head honcho at the pro-Trump PAC Great America, went on Fox News last night and suggested the WWII-era Japanese internment camps are a great precedent for Trump's proposed Muslim immigrant registration.

"We did it during World War II with the Japanese," Higbie told an extremely skeptical Megyn Kelly, who reacted like someone just told her Santa Claus can be black. "I'm just saying there is precedent for it," Higbie said when pressed, as if the fact that America rounded up citizens based on their race once means that we can and should do it again.

But Higbie will be probably be invited back on, as after he floated the trial balloon that this is just as legal as Japanese internment, Kelly ended the segment with "Alright Carl, good to see you," and not "Get the fuck out you lunatic piece of shit and never come back." Thus, the proposal takes its place on the cable news spectrum as just another thing that the traitorous ACLU is against but that some people are saying is actually good. No one from Trump's team, that gang of moral lepers, from the President-elect to the alleged adult in the room Reince Priebus to the guy who is probably actually president, Jared Kushner, has suggested this is a gross misreading of their intended policy.

Asia Society Executive Vice President Tom Nagorski was concerned by the internment camps reference, and expressed his hope that the President-elect would forcefully repudiate Higby's claims.

"He said some things, Mr. Trump himself, that betrayed a similar kind of ignorance during the campaign," Nagorski said. "The fact of the matter is, the internment camps were a wartime policy for which the United States has not only formally apologized, but paid reparations for."

"It wasn't only a racist measure at the time, it was also found to have been bad policy...I personally feel that both constitutionally and in terms of the safety of the United States, a Muslim registry would be counterproductive and make this country more endangered, not less."

If we really want to go into it, there's also precedent in American history for slavery, child labor, and the requirement that you own property in order to have the right to vote— the latter two could definitely make a comeback by the end of 2017. At least Americans can take solace that, according to the Times, the Democratic opposition will be working hard to stop President Trump:

Congressional Democrats, divided and struggling for a path from the electoral wilderness, are constructing an agenda to align with many proposals of President-elect Donald J. Trump that put him at odds with his own party.


Some Democrats are even co-opting Mr. Trump’s language from the campaign. “Every single person in our caucus agrees the system is rigged,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan.

I, for one, look forward to the exciting new Build America Great Again Act of 2017, which will provide tax credits and hiring incentives for firms building internment camps to hire sub-contracting groups that give minimum wage jobs to women and minorities!

Additional reporting by Scott Heins