Leaving public twitter spats to the pros, Mayor de Blasio has reportedly had a discrete exchange with President-elect Donald Trump (or his team) about how the federal government should reimburse New York City for the ballooning security costs around Trump Tower.

The NYPD has declined to confirm security costs for incoming First Lady Melania Trump and the Trump children, but NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Management and Budget Vincent Grippo acknowledged Tuesday that he's anticipating costs of $500,000 per day when President Trump is in town. This, regardless of the fact that the federal government has so far committed only $7 million to the cause—about 20 percent of the $34.7 million price tag for security between election day and inauguration day. Already, the NYPD is warning that it will exceed its overtime budget in the coming fiscal year.

The details of the Trump-de Blasio conversation are unclear. Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips simply told the NY Post that the President-elect and Mayor de Blasio are planning to "work together on the issue." We already know Phillips's opinion on the matter.

Mayor de Blasio has been promising to press the federal government on this issue for some time now. In November, he told reporters that, "We are beginning conversations with the Obama administration and we will continue with the Trump administration." And when Senate Republicans announced their $7 billion offer, de Blasio demanded that the feds "step up in the coming months to pay back what it owes our city."

We are not, however, dealing with Mr. Integrity here. As one reporter pointed out last month, Trump doesn't have the best track record when it comes to reimbursement.

Neither the Mayor's Office, nor Trump's transition team immediately commented on the meeting. We'll update if we hear back. In the meantime, enjoy this bad acid trip from Bloomberg.