Did Russian intelligence services hack the DNC's computers in an act of cyber-warfare in order to expose their leadership as biased, Hamilton-thirsty

clowns? The evidence suggests that could be the case, and the FBI is currently investigating the hack to find out. And while Donald Trump isn't one to rush to judgement about anything that happens on his role-model Putin's turf, he did take the opportunity at his latest news conference to suggest to Russia that hey, IF they did this, maybe could they hack Hillary Clinton again and find the 30,000 emails she deleted from her personal email server.

Trump, in the typically level-headed fashion of speaking and thinking we've come to expect from him during the campaign, first cast the DNC hack as having happened because Russia has no respect for America. Then however, he looked directly at the camera and made an appeal to the country to please hack again:

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be mightily rewarded by our press.”

Trump followed up the hacking request by clarifying that hey, he's just saying that if Russia has the emails, he'd love to see them. He then told NBC reporter Katey Tur (who Trump had taken the time to deride at a rally last year) to "be quiet" as she pressed him on the implications of his statement.

The request by Trump that Russia be a pal and do some more hacking follows rumors that Trump has investments in or from the country, and a Tweeted denial of that rumor. We'll never know for sure though, after an aide stated today that Trump wouldn't be releasing his tax returns during the election.

The Clinton campaign released a statement in response to the hack request, saying : "This has to be the first time a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his opponent. That's not hyperbole, those are just facts. This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue."

As for ostensible adult in the Trump campaign, Mike Pence, he would like to be excluded from this narrative:

Sorry Mike, but the Trump Train is an express, not a local.