Proving that rumors about Rudy Giuliani's potential ascendance to Attorney General were nothing to worry about, Donald Trump officially announced that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who lost out on a federal judgeship in the '80s because of allegations of racism, was his pick for the position. In addition, Trump went with controversial former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. General Michael Flynn as his national security advisor, which should be very good for pushing us towards either the Second Coming or the appearance of the Hidden Imam.

The pick of Sessions, an Alabama senator who boarded the Trump Train early and was also once made to wear a Make Mexico Great Again Also hat at a campaign appearance, made some of the worst people in the Senate extremely happy. In the 1980s, Sessions was up for a position as a federal judge in the Reagan administration, until it was revealed that he called a black assistant US attorney "boy" and joked about being cool with the Klan before he found out they smoked pot.

Sessions's views on pot haven't really changed since then, considering he told Attorney General Eric Holder in 2014 that pot couldn't be safer than alcohol because Lady Gaga said she was addicted to it. Sessions should also be a powerful ally in the conservative case against voter fraud, otherwise known as the effort to suppress black voters:

Sessions also, as Alabama Attorney General, fought to keep the University of Southern Alabama's Gay and Lesbian Alliance from getting funding from the school:

Sessions will have to be confirmed for his position by the Senate. Should that happen, David Duke had some advice for him and the Senate, which is that they should work on "massive institutional race discrimination against whites."

In addition to Sessions, fellow early Trump supporter Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is being rewarded with a high-level position in the Trump administration, as the President-elect's national security advisor. The Times has an evenhanded rundown of Flynn, who on the one hand is seen as a "very talented information gatherer" according to one person who worked with him.

On the other hand, Flynn is being tapped for national security advisor because Trump's team is worried he couldn't actually get confirmed to a position that would require Congressional approval, due to his "hazy ties to Middle Eastern counties," possibly lobbying for the Turkish government, and his closeness to Russian government-funded cable channel Russia Today and the Putin administration. There's also the case of Flynn's Twitter account, which is a look into the mind of a man who wants nothing more than a total war with Islam:

In an interview with The Intercept earlier this year, Flynn characterized Trump's openness to torture and banning Muslims from entering the country simply as a way of "keeping the enemy on its toes," and wouldn't rule out the use of torture. The website also delved into his book, Field of Fight, in which he suggested that radical Islamists were aligned with a club of America-haters that included "North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela."

So you know, if you liked the original Axis of Evil, you'll love the sequel. Sequels a dozen years after the original are always great, right?