The number one rule of online life is "Never tweet." I don't profess to be a master in all things online, so I don't know where "Never post" comes in as far as rankings, but I know it's up there. Don't believe me? Well then you're just setting yourself up to be the next Michael "Manton" Anton, a high-ranking National Security Council official whose message board posts about the 100% inevitable nuclear apocalypse coming to America and the need to build an effective fallout shelter makes him look like a slimmer, more dapper version of John Goodman from 10 Cloverfield Lane. Lol these people run our government.

The Intercept, acting on one of those tips you just pray for every day, dug into Anton's history of posting under the name Manton on men's style message board Turns out, Anton was really obsessed with the idea of nuclear war, the threat posed by Muslims, the many downsides of racially heterogenous societies and fine wine. Lol these people run our government.

Anton is Trump's senior director of strategic communications on the Council, a post that he got in part probably because he was a mid-level NSC staffer under George W. Bush and one of a handful of conservatives who actually tried to make a conservative intellectual case for Trump during the election. In between his time serving Republican presidents, Anton spent time getting rich in the private sector, and counseling people on a men's style message board on how to build a nuclear weapon:

You will want either plutonium 239 or uranium 235. Or, to be a little more precise, uranium enriched to 90% or more u 235 (the rest u 238). (Lower enrichment levels can still make bombs, but the amount of fuel you need rises dramatically as enrichment drops, to the point where making a bomb becomes a practical impossibility.).

and how to build an effective bomb shelter:

If they are not underground at all, they are not worth much. [If] they are underground on even one side, their usefullness goes up by a lot. If they are surrounded by at least five feet of earth on four sides, then you are pretty much invulnerable from initial fallout — as long as you can hold out down there. … You would [be] better off having stored water.

also about what he sees as the relative bloodlust of Muslims:

I look at the world and I see a whole movement of people who want to kill me, destroy my country, and end my civilization. You either don’t see any of these people or you just think they are a joke. The bombs and the propaganda you alternate between taking in stride, finding pathetic, or dismissing any connection to Islam.

and why it's important for everyone in a society to look the same and share the same background:

The homogenous ones have higher trust levels, greater levels of cross family cooperation, more public spiritedness, higher levels of volunteering, charity donations, etc. They are also more able and more willing to support safety nets — formal and informal — that benefit non-family members.

Oh also according to Yahoo he fought desperately to defend the honor of a Styleforum user who used the term "tar baby," because even if it's widely seen as a racist term now, it didn't start out that way. So just leave it alone, you know, language never changes or maybe even if does you should just ignore all of those changes when it's convenient to your argument. Lol these people run our government.

Anton defended the message board activity to The Intercept the same way any shitposter does online, by suggesting it was all just freewheeling conversation among pals, like they're at a bar. You know, come to think of it, the guy at Alibi who insisted to me a couple years ago that Derek Jeter was a Hall of Famer but not a first ballot Hall of Famer was probably going to move on to the threat posed by radical Islam if I hadn't gotten tired of yelling and started ignoring him.

Anyway, it's all just message board shitposting among friends, whether it's complaining your babysitter stole your nice bottle of wine from your wine cellar or complaining that people who don't look like you are ruining the social safety net. It's all just acceptable, fun, internet talk among good buddies who you're trying to convince to be more racist.