President Donald J. Bane just swore to the nation that he'll fix all our problems, and it looks like climate change is already gone! Poof! Just like that! Totally fixed! In only 30 minutes! What success!

The White House page on climate change was scrubbed from the Internet, perhaps the very instant President Evil Tangerine put his teeny hand on his Bible 4 Kidz. It's been replaced with a new "American First Energy Plan," which proclaims that King Pussy Grabber "is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule." Behold:

Indeed, it appears His Honorable Ambulatory Man-Wig's minions have erased any mention of climate change from the White House website altogether. America First! Winning Bigly! Fuck you, penguins, who cares if today's your special day! DIE IN THE FLAMES FANNED BY MY ALMIGHTY ISOLATIONIST ORANGE EGO, DIE PENGUIN, DIE.

Another White House page that has not-so-mysteriously disappeared is the Labor Department's report on Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights, because in Trump's America you won't need workplace rights! Mike Pence will personally shock the gay right out of you, at least after he takes a moment to glance longingly at your naked male body and dream of what could have been.

The Affordable Care Act's website White House page is also gone.

You can take it off the Internet, Dear Leader, but we are not going to forget.