The Trumps are going all in on Islamophobia in the wake of the bombings in New York and New Jersey this weekend. First, Herr Donald said last night that we'll have to "start profiling" Muslims in the United States, and then Little Donald Jr. posted a deeply bizarre meme to Twitter comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles. Donald Jr. is not good at analogies.

Indeed, according to Donald The Younger, we're all about to die of Skittle Poisoning:

Contrary to Donald With The Better Hair's assertion, this image does not say it all. Handfuls of Syrian refugees will not yield three terrorists each; Syrians are people, not food, and you're way more likely to die of choking on a Skittle and/or of Skittle-sourced diabetes than you are of dying in a terrorist attack:

Skittles obviously did something to scar Vampire Donald in the past, but the folks behind the world's most saccharine snack came back punching. "Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don't feel it's an appropriate analogy," company spokesperson Denise Young said in a statement. She added, "We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing."

Indeed, the 11 million Syrians who have fled their war-torn country over the last six years are not candy, poisoned or not. They are, in fact, desperate human beings who have lost family members, friends, houses, belongings, and lives. They are fleeing genocide, and they will never have a real home again. If this sounds at all familiar, note that Le Petite Trump's Skittles analogy actually dates back to an anti-Semitic German children’s book published during the Third Reich. Here's a snippet:

Look, Franz, human beings in this world are like the mushrooms in the forest. There are good mushrooms and there are good people. There are poisonous, bad mushrooms and there are bad people. And we have to be on our guard against bad people just as we have to be on guard against poisonous mushrooms. Do you understand that?…
Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushrooms can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire Volk.

History repeats itself, again and again. Meanwhile, former Congressman and current radio idiot Joe Walsh says Mini Trump stole his idea from him:

And ThinkProgress reports that the meme is actually repurposed from an (equally racist and xenophobic) alt-right campaign that's been floating around for years. So, Little Trump's bad at math and he's a plagiarist. Cool!

In non-Skittle related anti-Muslim news, Big Trump went on a tear yesterday, first calling President Obama "stupid" for letting in Syrian refugees. "Thousands of people are pouring into our country. We have no idea what we’re doing. Our leaders are - I don’t even say weak. I say stupid," Trump said. And he told Fox News it was time to profile a of people, not that he was going to name names! You know who you are!

"I’m not using the term Muslims. I’m saying you’re going to have to profile. We’re gonna have to start profiling, and it’s, you know, I don’t know if it’s that bad, but certainly it’s not a wonderful thing,” he said. “But we have a country to keep safe and we’re not going to keep our country safe, you see this happening, and you know and I know it’s going to get worse."

Please God let this election be over already.