Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged today with battery for allegedly grabbing a (now former) Breitbart reporter earlier this month at a Trump event. Reporter Michelle Fields says that Lewandowski grabbed her arm during a March 8th news conference in Jupiter, Florida. The incident was confirmed in newly-released surveillance video from the event, which you can see below.

You can also read the police report here): "Lewandowski grabbed Fields’ left arm with his right hand causing her to turn and step back," it reads. Fields showed cops her left forearm, which "appeared to show a grabbing-type injury." And here's her Tweet of the bruise after the event:

Lewandowski denied he touched her at the time:

And sticking with his campaign stance that women should only occasionally be believed, just try to guess what Trump's reaction was to today's news. "Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge," a campaign statement said. "He will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated."

Lewandowski was also caught on video grabbing a protester by the collar at a rally in Tucson, Arizona on March 19th. Trump defended him then, with the campaign denying he touched anyone (despite the video evidence) and Trump directly applauding him "for having spirit."

The Trump machine got to spinning today, with Fox News host Andrea Tantaros arguing that Lewandowski was "well within his rights" to grab Fields (?) because she was "shouting a question." Tantaros concluded: "We all in the court of public opinion have watched this thing play out. And there’s a bunch of people who were there who said this was a big nothing burger. Nothing occurred. She blew this out of proportion."

Trump spokeswoman Bullet Necklace Person added that Lewandowski would stay with the campaign regardless of whether he is found guilty of assaulting a woman.

Or maybe this is just the latest in a series of signs that the American public is finally waking up from their Trump fever dream. There was Donald Trump Jr finally sobering up and apologizing for identifying a Nazi-saluting Trump fan as a Bernie supporter; Geraldo Rivera terrifying America in a Trump costume; and most notably, a former Trump strategist dumping "the presidential equivalent of Sanjaya from American Idol" in public via XOJane.

Then again, as long as Trump can get away with "joking" about his campaign manager assaulting people, nothing has changed.