trumppoll.jpgEvery so often, when we are tempted to bemoan the state of NY politics, we remember that at least we don't live in California and haven't been afflicted with Donald Trump's influence on matters of state, even though we can claim him as our own. Governor Spitzor may be the "Steamroller", but he hasn't been accused of accepting cash for appearances on "The Apprentice".

Some questions are being raised about a $10,000 donation that billionaire Donald Trump gave to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to help pay off his campaign debts.

Trump gave the money a little more than a month after the governor guest-starred on Trump's TV show "The Apprentice: Los Angeles," according to a campaign filing.

In an episode that aired March 18, Schwarzenegger hosted five of the show's contestants in his private conference room at the state Capitol.

Maybe we're spoiled with NJ Governor Jon Corzine picking up the tab for his own hospital stay, Mayor Bloomberg being the wealthiest NYer, and Gov. Spitzer and NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo doing alright on their tax returns.