After firing off a couple of tweets about Atlanta congressman John Lewis and his failings in the eyes of Trump, the president-elect is enjoying a second day of people getting mad at him for calling a famed civil rights leader "all talk and no action." On the one hand, this explains Trump's already low approval ratings, but on the other hand if you've already called parents of a dead soldier names and still became president, why stop doing this?

Trump, for his part, tried to give some advice to Lewis, using this opportunity to ask him to help Trump fix America's burning and crime ravaged inner cities that we all keep hearing about:

This didn't sit well with Lewis' actual constituents (including former Mets pitcher Collin McHugh), who didn't appreciate Trump suggesting Atlanta was a crime-ridden hellhole, which it isn't:

Two more members of New York City's congressional delegation, Yvette Clarke and Adriano Espaillat, announced that they would be skipping Trump's inauguration:

And despite the best efforts of robotic talking points repeater Mike Pence to suggest he was just so disappointed and hurt by Lewis, Trump continued taking fire from Republicans. Representative Justin Amash went the folksy route, addressing Trump as "dude" and begging him to give it up:

Former RNC chair Michael Steele chimed in as well. In an appearance on MSNBC, Steele told Trump "don't tweet that" and "don't go there," and that "John Lewis has a walk that very few people in this country - least of all Donald Trump - have ever walked."

Trump's team, for their part, went for some damage control that didn't last too long. After leaking that the incoming president would visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Monday, whoever suggested that was happening had to quickly backtracking on their leak due to the fact that it wasn't true:

And if you think this is bad, just remember that Trump isn't officially the president yet.