Another day, another classy display of violence at a Trump rally—at an event in Albany with over 10,000 people yesterday, an attendee slapped a protestor in the face and pushed him, as one does. Trump didn't even notice, of course, but he did take the time to criticize some other protestors and rant about the "rigged" and "crooked" system. A Trump rally is always a good time.

First things first: the slapping incident. According to news reports, an attendee named "Mike" attacked the protestor because “he was yelling in my face," and Mike has "personal rights" and "personal space." It is true that Mike has rights, just as the protestor has a right to protest. It is, of course, not within Mike's rights to physically assault anyone, but no need to quibble over legalities.

Oh look, there's video!

No arrests were made, but the demonstrator was escorted out of the venue. America's Favorite Talking Clementine didn't see the slapping, apparently, but he did spot some other protestors in the crowd, and he got mad. "This is what's happening on the border. This is what's happening with ISIS. This is what's happening to our country, and we can't let it happen," Trump opined. "We've got to take our country back, folks," he added, though from whom he wishes to retrieve said country is unclear, since it doesn't seem like there are a ton of people respectfully and constitutionally airing their grievances in ISIS.

Another thing that makes der Orange Führer angry is the delegate system, which he thinks is helping alleged Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz squeak by. Trump went on a tangent regarding his loss in Colorado last night. "The delegates were all there all waiting, and the head guy — in fact, one of them tweeting out today or said today by mistake and then they withdrew it something to the effect 'See? Never Trump; look what we did never Trump,'" he said. "Because if I go to the voters of Colorado, we win Colorado. So it's a crooked, crooked system."

Note that while the delegate system is wonky as hell, it's actually helped La Molesta Naranja—NBC News reports today that Trump's gotten a 22 percent boost from the delegates over his support from the popular vote. Today's polls say Trump has about a 60 percent chance of winning New York; Zodiac Ted is rolling at 14 percent, and John Kasich, who ate his way through the city last week, is at 17 percent.