Bedford's Libyan leader camping problem is over: Donald Trump—well, his company, the Trump Organization—said, "We have requested that the tenant occupying the property in Bedford, New York, remove the tent that was erected. They have complied with this request." Which meant that Moammer Gadhafi, heading to to the 'burbs after his wild United Nations speech had to turn back to NYC.

It's not clear whether the town of Bedford will pursue legal action, but Westchester County Executive Joel Spano was outraged when speaking with the Journal News, “We have been told by the Secret Service that at some point Gadhafi will be in Bedford. The Secret Service has asked the county police — along with the state police and the town police — to help protect him... We have no choice but to help with law enforcement, but I remain outraged that our taxpayers have to help protect someone that we don’t want in this county."

The NY Times tries to have fun with the issue, wondering where else Gadhafi might be welcome. One possible place: Coney Island, as Dick Zigun calls the Libyan leader a "circus," sort of like the Ringling Bros. one, "Since Coney Island needs attention and needs development and since we’re circus-friendly, I for one would welcome him here. Politics aside, it would bring tourists to Coney Island and that’s what we need."