Not content to let Kellyanne Conway call the Clinton campaign "a pack of sore losers" or to rub Hillary Clinton's old comments about accepting election results in her face, President-elect Donald Trump picked up an Infowars-endorsed theory about undocumented immigrants committing voter fraud and just casually tweeted it into the void:

Presumably, Trump is referring to a theory going around the internet that three million non-citizens voted (and if they did, that they voted for Hillary Clinton) in the 2016 election. That claim was made by Gregg Phillips, an activist behind the app voter fraud reporting app VoteStand. Phillips made his claim on November 11th, but hasn't released any numbers or analysis to show where the three million figure comes from.

To hedge his bets, though, in case for some reason it somehow turns out that millions of people didn't commit voter fraud, Trump also added in some tweets about how well, OF COURSE he would have won America's most populous states if there were no Electoral College.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when the national conversation is violently pulled over to chemtrails or some shit.