In a series of early morning tweets, President Donald Trump attacked Senate Minority Leader and New York State senior Senator Chuck Schumer for Schumer's hand in passing a decades-old law that the president claimed allowed West Side Highway terrorist Sayfullo Saipov to enter the country from Uzbekistan.

Trump's tweets twice tagged Fox and Friends, which ran a segment blaming Schumer before the president smashed that tweet button, and in one instance Trump appeared to quote a guest on the show when he wrote, "Senator Chuck Schumer helping to import Europes [sic] problems." The president has previously claimed he has very little time to watch TV.

The Diversity Visa Program is a program that Schumer had a hand in creating but was part of a larger bipartisan effort and was signed into law by President George Bush in 1990. The program offers "a limited number of visas to people from parts of the world that have relatively few immigrants in the United States," according to the Washington Post. The Post also noted that it isn't yet clear that Saipov actually entered the country through the program.

In response, Schumer tweeted that Trump "politicized" the terror incident. He also put out a statement in which he said he believes "immigration is good for America" and called on Trump to restore cuts to anti-terrorism funding that the NYPD previously criticized as leaving the city less safe:

Schumer was defended by Trump critic and retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who noted that the New York senator was part of the Senate's "Gang of Eight" which put together an immigration reform bill in 2013 that would have eliminated the diversity visa program.

Later in the morning, Schumer tweeted at the president to be more like President George W. Bush:

What a world.